Specialists in Agile Software Delivery

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How We Work

Business Analysis

We bring deep knowledge of the business domain to help our clients deliver the business input required within DevOps teams. We help customers improve business processes to design intuitive and effective customer journeys that are compliant with applicable regulation. Their knowledge also helps identify opportunities for business innovation that is facilitated by advances in technology.


Our usability experts with extensive experience in multi-platform UI lead and facilitate joint business and technology workshops that iteratively deliver industry leading user journeys and various server-side capabilities that would be needed to underpin the required user experience. They convert these into a prioritised backlog and documented design that can be consumed directly by the development teams without needing further translation or compromising performance, resilience and supportability in production.

Agile Management

Agile projects often get associated with the absence of planning, and a ‘we will figure it out as we go along’ methodology. Our Programme Managers and Scrum Masters however, have been there, and successfully delivered, so we appreciate that Agile Delivery requires more discipline and co-ordination than simpler waterfall approaches. From the outset we help our clients establish light-weight, fit for purpose delivery governance that provides control without getting in the way.

Cloud Infrastructure

In keeping with the philosophy of DevOps our teams have the required knowledge to size and design highly available, production ready infrastructure required to underpin production and development environments. We are experts in Amazon Web Services and also in the design of leading edge container based technologies such as Cloud Foundry and Docker.

Automated QA

Automation of testing processes and test data provision is a critical element in the success of projects. However, we believe that there is no substitute for human intelligence in spotting the exception scenarios that are improbable but not impossible. Our QA team therefore focus early in the project on designing automated tests that address the run-of-the-mill scenarios, but then focus on understanding our client’s business and probing the system to identify edge cases that are frequent causes of failure.

Agile Development

We start every engagement by helping our clients establish the foundations that prevent an Agile approach descending into chaos. We agree coding standards and guidelines, establish automated build pipelines and finalise the technologies required to deliver cloud native, mobile-first applications. Where we work in co-sourced teams, we go the extra mile and ensure all members of the team understand and agree with the rationale for the technical approach to be used.