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Agile Delivery Management

  • Business Change Programmes
  • Process Excellence and Transformations
  • Leadership in Agile Delivery
  • IT Resilience

Establishing scrum teams, prioritising backlogs, and planning sprints is easy in a non-critical, skunk-work set up. Our delivery leaders help you achieve Agile Delivery within the context of mission critical, enterprise scale digital solutions.

Our Programme Managers and Scrum Masters have years of experience establishing and managing scrum teams responsible for delivering major digital programmes.

We use this experience to help our clients assess the capabilities of their existing scrum teams, recommend approaches to improving them and help establish the adoption of agile best practice.

Agile delivery at scale requires a different approach for operational and delivery governance. While this is often not an issue for small projects, on Digital transformation programmes it is critical to have suitable mechanisms for managing budget and release plans within a wide, inter-dependent portfolio of scrums. We help our clients establish Project Management Offices that are tuned to the specific needs of governing transformation programmes that adopt an agile delivery method.

Lastly, agile delivery is not suited to all contexts. With extensive experience of more traditional project management methods such as PRINCE II, PMP and MSP, we can help manage delivery engagements that address transformation of legacy systems too.