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What We Do

Business Analysis

  • Large scale data migrations
  • Bespoke custom made integrations
  • Streamline and optimize data
  • Big data analysis
  • REST API Services
  • Single sign on and Identity management
  • Customised Reporting solutions

Knowledge in and experience of a business domain is a critical constituent of successful transformation. Digital propositions need to operate within the regulatory and legal frameworks that apply to the industries that our clients operate within.

We combine our love of technology with experience of your business domain to help you innovate digital propositions that create business opportunity and transform customer experience while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Delivery Blueprints specialises in building applications in the financial services and Her Majesty’s Government and brings to the table a sound understanding of these business domains. Our business analysts can help you define business requirements and analyse the business case that required to support projects.

Working with your Agile Product managers, and our delivery managers, they help you create prioritised product backlogs, with well-defined, actionable user stories that development teams can use to drive software development.